Ignorance is Bliss

We all heard the saying “Ignorance is bliss”, right? And I am starting to realise how true it is! How much simpler my life would be if I didn’t know what I know!

If I didn’t have the knowledge I have about nutrition, I could eat any junk food I want and blame chronic disease on “bad luck” or being overweight on “big bones”.

If I didn’t know full consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, I wouldn’t have to be concerned about the health and future of my friends or family members.

If I didn’t know about the importance of strong, healthy relationships for my mental health and well-being, I could binge watch Netflix every evening instead of spending quality time building a stronger marriage with my husband.

If I didn’t know about the impact physical activity has on my body, my health, my longevity, I could sleep in every morning, instead of getting up at the break of dawn to go for a run.

If I didn’t know how disastrous stress can be, I wouldn’t have to spend time meditating and learning how to manage my reactions to events in my life.

If I didn’t know how to keep my children’s love of learning alive, I could send them to school and have many hours to myself every day to do whatever I want instead of home-schooling.

If I didn’t know how much I still don’t know, I could read mystery novels and romance, instead of personal growth and transformation manuals. If I didn’t know that I have the power to change my life and inspire others to do the same, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing away… I wouldn’t have to do ANYTHING.

Life would be SO SO SO simple!

But I wouldn’t be living fully. I wouldn’t be living in the truth. I wouldn’t be truly free. Only the truth can set you free people say. And we are all on some level of denial. We all lie to ourselves every day.

We all hold on to false beliefs that keep us “stuck”. And we will continue being “stuck” in our circumstances unless we change something. But how? By becoming courageous enough to take a step towards a more profound knowledge of ourselves and the world. By willingness to shine some light of honesty on our habits and patterns. By deciding that there HAS TO be more to life than this and our goal is to find it!

And so I think of a moment in my future where I would potentially say “I wish I knew…” or “I wish I did…” I imagine how it would feel to have that kind of regret about something I could have done differently to avoid disaster, but chose not to do it.

Every single decision we make today will determine the quality of our future. And when the future comes I want to be able to stand tall and say “I did everything in my power to have the kind of life I want to have”. And yes, there are no guarantees in life, unexpected things happen all the time, but it would be foolish to pretend that we have no power over anything.

So if our family loses the main source of income, I want to be able to say “at least we have the second income from our side business”, rather than “I WISH we started that business”.

If I get sick with a serious illness, I want to be able to say “at least I was taking a good care of my body and am strong enough to endure the treatment and recover”, rather than “I WISH I started eating healthy and exercising 10 years ago”.

If our marriage or relationship with our children hit a rocky ground, I want us to have tools and communication skills that would help weather the storm.

And if “rainy days” or emergencies come along, I want to have stamina, wisdom and clarity about getting through it, rather than being lost in a dark tunnel of sheer panic.

And it all comes down to taking responsibility NOW. Not tomorrow, not Monday, not on the 1st of January. NOW. It starts with knowledge, inspiration and motivation and then… you soar!

Good luck and good health!


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