How to Treat 3 Common Running Problems

There was one day last year when I thought I must be crazy. I was on my morning run and in a lot of pain. I had a stitch on both sides, blisters on both heels and my thigh muscles were on fire (or at least they felt like they … Read More

8 Reasons to Start Running

When I changed my lifestyle and decided to start exercising, running seemed like the best idea. What could be a more natural way to improve your fitness levels? We’ve been running away from wild beasts and running to hunt the mammoth for millions of years after all. But like everything … Read More

Welcome to Weight Loss Central!

Welcome to Weight Loss Central! If anyone told me a year ago I would have my own blog, writing about topics I feel very passionate about – nutrition, health, lifestyle – I would have told them to “get out of here!” But here we are. To say it was a … Read More